PROMO Disposable Wooden Base 50 pcs WBE-20 with 4 Disposable Nail Files

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Buy 2 nippers and get for free one box of disposable wooden base along with 4 disposable nail files. Retail value - $11

Promo deal includes:

-WBE-20 box of 50- 1 pc

-DFCE-22-180 Disposable Nail Sleeve 180 grit - 2 pcs

-DFE-22-180 Disposable Nail File 180 grit - 2 pcs  


WBE-20 Wooden Base Key Features:

  • Designed for use in a manicure as a rigid base for attaching papmAm quick-change disposable abrasive files

  • Made from environmentally friendly material - birch wood

  • Lightweight (2.9g), comfortable to work

  • Due to the use of disposable files, it increases the hygiene and safety of the procedure

  • Made in the form: straight

  • The package contains 50 pcs

Promotional items quantities are limited. Promo continues while supplies last.